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XYZ Storage offers professional battery testing services, providing comprehensive assessments for Battery Energy Storage Systems to ensure the performance and safety of the systems.

XYZ Storage Energy Storage Battery Testing Laboratory is a professional battery testing and evaluation facility equipped with advanced testing equipment and a dedicated team of engineers. Our laboratory has played a significant role in our R&D and product quality management. Now, XYZ Storage like to share our technologies and experience we have accumulated in battery testing and evaluation with the industry, and We hope to collaborate with you to collectively drive the battery energy storage industry towards a better future.

Main features

Digging High-Value Data

Our high-precision testing equipment can simulate and trace the fault development process of batteries in different extreme environments such as salt spray, high altitude, and extreme temperatures. This capability allows us to analyze the causes of battery failures, enabling us to enhance battery system design, optimize system operations, and improve the quality and performance of battery systems.

End-to-End Information Management

Our intelligent laboratory information management system enables comprehensive data collection and recording across multiple dimensions of time and space. It ensures traceability of experimental data, facilitates task scheduling, monitors safety risks, and provides early warning alerts, enhancing the overall management of the testing process.

One-Stop Battery System Testing Service

Our Lab equipped with testing equipment and capabilities that leads the industry standards , we offer a comprehensive battery testing services including battery efficient testing, End-of-Life (EOL) testing, battery system debugging, and more. We providing a one-stop solution to assist you ensuring the battery product’s quality across all aspects.