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XYZ Storage ensures exceptional durability and safety in our products, spanning from battery modules to station-level design and manufacturing. 

Energy storage solutions 01

The energy storage system on the generator side comprises BESS for wind or solar PV power generation and BESS for thermal power generation.

BESS + renewable energy power station will help promote the renewable energy consumption, smoothen the power output, and reduce wind/PV curtailment. In addition, the system is entitled to taking part in electricity market auxiliary service, in addition to helping improve new energy and thermal power regulating ability, and raise the power station’s running characteristics and overall benefits.

Energy storage solutions 02

Independent energy storage power station on the grid side helps improve the grid utilization efficiency, and is entitled to taking part in electricity market auxiliary services such as frequency regulating, peak shaving, voltage stabilization, and black start, in order to gain corresponding benefits. In case of power failure, the station will provide users with emergency power supply, in order to avoid the power interruption at the time of fault recovery, and improve the grid stability. 

Energy storage solutions 03

BESS on the user side helps improve the users’ flexible adjustment ability and intelligent & highly efficient power consumption level, monitor the change of electric power in real time, and adjust the BESS’s power output dynamically based on the data. For electricity users with large power consumption and high requirements for power supply reliability and electric energy quality in the fields of industry and communication, new-type energy storage can be configured according to the business model and system running model’s demands, in order to support high-quality power consumption and improve the comprehensive energy consumption efficiency and benefits.

XYZ Storage adopts the industry’s advanced integration technologies and advanced automation lines to supply high-quality products, including battery cell selection, battery management technology, fire control system, thermal management system, energy management technology, and intelligent monitoring and O&M.

  • High safety and high reliability

  • Long service life

  • Highly efficient,


    and low maintenance cost

XYZ Storage amasses a wealth of a complete set of technologies and construction experience relating to storage energy power stations. We are not only capable of manufacturing BESS, but also able to provide power station integration design, procurement, installation, and debugging services.