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Trusted One-Stop ESS Solution Provider

XYZ Storage is your trusted energy partner, from design, engineering, and construction. Our professional team is dedicated to creating the optimal deployment ESS solution. We offer one-stop solutions and turnkey services, ensuring that your energy storage facilities operate with high durability, efficiency, and sustainability.

XYZ Storage's one-stop EPC service is trusted by customers and has delivered over 700MWh of energy storage projects in China. These projects include:

1. Qinghai Golmud 100MW/200MWh BESS station.

2. Jining, Weishan Demonstrative project of 100MW/200MWh peak shaving BESS station.

3. Linyi, Yishui 100MW/200MW Independent BESS station.

4. Inner Mongolia Ulanqab desert ecological management and 100MWp PV+ 20MW/40MWh BESS project.

5. Guazhou, Anbei PV + 4.5MW/9MWh BESS project.

6. Wuwei, Liangzhou 7MW/14MWh BESS + PV project.

7. Ping Shan 10MW/20MWh BESS + PV for agricultural project.

8. Pingshan, Gangnan 10MW/20MWh BESS + PV project.

We are contributing to Mexico's transition to renewable energy

XYZ Storage has entered into framework agreements with Merida and Queretaro for the development of intelligent, zero-carbon cities. These agreements encompass renewable energy initiatives, green electricity transportation, and energy digitalization. Through the implementation of cutting-edge energy technologies in these cities, we aim to ensure the secure, efficient, and sustainable utilization of renewable energy in alignment with the cities' ambitious zero-carbon emission goals.